Leftovers / Original pictures. What a concept.

Dear Friends, Fans, & Followers:

Project 365 has come to an end,
but we're still taking pictures, so no worries!
If you miss us, you can find us here and here.

-Niangao Board of Directors


There are many things my photos don’t capture. You don’t feel bitter winds from those deceptively sunny winter afternoons. You can’t hear all the laughs ringing between shots as I tried to get my “models” to cooperate with me. And no photo is quite as delicious as a bowl of 芒果雪花冰 (mango snow ice) after a walk in the Taiwan humidity.

This project has taught me a lot. Not so much about the technical side of photography (sadly, I still know very little), but more about the disparity between how things look in real life and how things look through the lens. My photos will never relay every single thought, emotion, and detail of the scene. But when a moment of life is transformed into a still, it can also take on an entirely new character. And people notice. I can’t even begin to count the number of times someone would look at a photo of something he walked past every single day, yet ask me where I took the picture.

But I digress. Leftovers/Project 365 has come to an end! I think it was well timed; through niangao, I’ve been able to document the second semester of senior year, a summer in Taiwan, the first semester of college, and all the random adventures in between. I remember each of the pictures I’ve taken, and they all have beautiful memories attached to them.

Of course, I don’t think I would have been able to keep this up without the surprising amount of support from those around me. Most of my friends don’t use tumblr, so it always meant a lot to me when people told me they checked niangao every couple of weeks just to see my photos. :] I have to give special thanks to Raen, co-chair on the Niangao Board of Directors, and to Steph, the official #1 fan (for liking every single photo I’ve uploaded). Also, thank you to all my "models" for peopling my pictures and dealing with my obnoxious or vague instructions.

This post was longer than I anticipated. Thank you to everyone that kept up with niangao! Another thing I observed through this project is that it’s actually pretty easy to find beauty in the simplest of things. You guys show me that every day. :] I’ll miss Leftovers a lot, and I love you all. ♡



P.S. I’ll still be taking photos. They’ll be here.

P.P.S. (From Raen: I’ll miss you all too! And I’ll be here.)

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